Bashing Movie Trailer 03:34

Bashing Movie Trailer 03:34

Bashing Movie Trailer 03:34
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Bashing "Every Family Fights!"  (Action/ Drama) (R) for violence & Strong Language
Starring Carrie Cain Sparks (Rumble in the Bronx, X-Files, The Man), Jason ‘Wee Man’ Acuna (Jack Ass, Fox Sports), Kim Estes (House, The FiXXers, NCIS) Directed by HSH Shadow Dragu Mihai
Based on the elusive underground Fight Clubs across the country, Bashing uncovers the perceived hidden lifestyle behind the Boxing industry. Where innocent hopefuls’ big dreams can have deadly consequences.

Bashing is about a family who fights. The father is an ex boxing champion, the son is a young up and coming fighter, the daughter is his manager. The egos clash as each try to get their agenda known.  Francis constantly battles his Father for his support and acceptance of his Gay lifestyle. His sister Egypt overcompensates for not being the good son by being an even better daughter. She proves her worth by managing her brother in the ring.

Gerome thinks the ring is no place for a woman and ignores her efforts and successes.
 If Egypt can get Francis a pro fight and find him a girlfriend, she will win her Fathers respect. If Francis wins a pro fight, he will gain his Fathers pride and finally be accepted as a man. One thing everyone can agree on is that "Every Family Fights!"