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How To Make it in Hollywood

Making it in Hollywood can be tricky, Many don’t make it at all. Some do well, some do OK and some soar. I cast Kristen Wiig in one of her very first films and look at her today! She was a complete unknown. So yes it can happen to you. It can happen to anyone. Just get yourself situated on the right path.

Where Do I Start?
If you have never taken the basics or an actual beginners class, but think you can jump right into the masters classes or train with the top in the business, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Hollywood MYTHS
On this blog, I will dispel any and all MYTHS about Hollywood . One giant Myth is: you have to be in Hollywood to make it. Not any more my dears. Only a small percentage of films are shot in Hollywood. The rest are shot all over this country and the world. Find out how you can take advantage of ‘runaway films’ in your town. What you must do to prepare to come to Hollywood.
Can I Make it as a Beginner?
You’ve always been told your quite a character and you can cry on command. Do you really need training? If you think your asking if you can make it on your natural talent, I have only one answer for you – ‘ha ha ha ha’, - laughing my head off, - re-attaching head. No you cant! Acting is a skill. You may have been born with acting talent, but translating that rawness into a performance on stage or film is going to require some training.
You may have come from a long line of shoemakers, from your father to your grandfather, but you didn’t emerge from the womb wearing those pumps! You had to be taught how to make heels jut like your Grandpa.

Talent Verses Skill!
Some of the most successful actors and actresses are not the best talents, however they are well trained acting machines who know how to deliver in an audition and on a movie set. Your natural ability will get you some smiles and good lucks from casting directors, but they cannot in good conscience take you in front of the producers and directors that hired them. They only want to show quality, well trained actors because that’s what’s going to make them look better to their bosses rather than playing the lottery with a newbie.
Train at your level
If you are not at the top of your game do not train with the top actors and directors. The best actors cannot give you the little tricks to cheat the camera the crossing & gesture habits they learned along the way. Not because they don’t want to tell you, its because they are so beyond you they cant remember being so green. Directors don’t teach because the have no patients. If you must take a William Shatner master class, consider it informative entertainment! He is fantastic!
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Don’t blow another audition. Its natural to have a feeling of “I could have done better” when you leave. But you must learn the tricks and gain the confidence so you never fail the audition.
Classes VS Technique Oddball techniques are fun, but won’t be enough. The truth is if you are relying on a technique, rather than trying to find out which one is best, it is better to just study them all. Without the basics of “acting 101” any particular technique is just seasoning to your potato. You need the basics then add the flair.
You must train - You don’t have to train forever. I say about 2 years. Then get yourself out of class and into real life. Get yourself on stage and on camera workshops, ect.
But Carrie... how do I get that? I need to book an acting job right?
Yes. That’s right. You can and you will. Just follow my principals and don’t panic.

You will make it if you try
There is some magic to it, but you will make it if you try. Just remember to ask yourself this question and answer it honestly. Do you really want to make it as an Actress? Actor? Everyone who is in Hollywood doesn’t really. They just like being here. They like being around other performers. They like the energy. They like the sun. Tanned bodies... and avocados on everything!
Everyone’s career is different. There isn’t a blanket answer for all of you. If you want to know how to book gigs, get acting jobs, where to train, who’s doing the scams in town, how to avoid them. "How much money is this s*** gonna cost me!" And many more of your questions will be answered here on this website.
Actors Questions
I could just post random messages about things you actors and performers might really want to know. But that would be would be rambling... So I will answer any questions you have and post the answers here – For Actors Only. You might be a snake charmer from India. I don’t know any personally, but I can check around for you and see what kind of jobs they can get. Or you could be a sweet young thing from middle America. What roles are they hiring your type for?
All questions about how to make it in Hollywood will be answered here on this page Questions?  Ask me anything. If I don’t know the answer, I will ask my contacts and colleagues to help me out. Anyway, its Free to ask! And free to receive too! I just might have the answer to your most burning questions. So ask away!
I will be updating this site weekly or sooner so send me your die hard questions and I will do my best to answer them with accuracy. Send your questions by email. I will then post your question with your answer on the site. So check back weekly for updates to see the answers to your questions and what more you can learn. Or come back to see what new videos are posted. Its an entertainment studio site too!
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You may be new or you may be a long term veteran performer. If you have a question for me, I will be happy to answer it.

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