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Los Angeles, California
“The Spy Who Boned Us” is an Indie film written, directed by and starring Carrie Cain Sparks. If the title sounds familiar to you it’s because of the Lions Gate movie “The Spy Who Dumped Me” Starring Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis. The two movies have some striking similarities. It appears that the writers of Dumped Me used Sparks’ script & story to help create their movie. It’s not just the ‘title’, but the whole story, movie concept & similar casting choices. Sparks’ script resides in the Academy Margaret Herrick Library, so it is easy for a Hollywood writer to get a hold of it. Plus the film has been available online as well as screeners that may have gone out. The Dumped Me film makers simply lifted it and called it their own idea. Carrie Cain Sparks, a female film maker of color, deserves the credit for her hard work and talent.  Here are some similarities in both Spy movies.
1. Regular girls who become spies because of the spy they dated.
2. The stars are women.
3. There is an explosive/ dangerous package they have to deliver.
4. The girls are inexperienced & lucky.
5. It’s a wacky comedy.
6. A Hot Boss Lady & the ‘wow’ compliment to her amazing looks.
7. Promo character shots that closely mimic The Spy Who Boned Us’ body stances & rainbow color scheme.
8. The main man spy is pretty, English and blond.
9. They travel to a foreign country to do the spy stuff.

The comparisons of the 20th Century Fox movie “Spy” (2015) starring Melissa McCarthy & Jude Law are even more fantastic. “Spy” filmmakers clearly saw “The Spy Who Boned Us” (TSWBU) (2007) film and ripped off, copied, appropriated and/or plagiarized its story, movie, characters & casting choices. Here are just some of the similarities:
1. In TSWBU the main man spy is named ‘Finely Boned’, in “Spy” its ‘Bradley Fine’. They call him Fine and always say ...Fine did this, Fine said that and mentioning how he’s so fine. That particular dialog is TSWBU’s Finely Boned’s most prominent feature. He says it, the girls say it. It’s a major plot point and story element. “Spy” had a name change from “The Spy Who Charmed You” so close to “The Spy Who Boned Us” The title suggests its all about the lead spy Finely Boned or Bradley Fine. The poster of Bradley Fine is still up on IMDB as a sub title.
2. Fine/Finely is an arrogant A-hole and also Blond! That’s rare in Spy movies. Usually he’s tall, dark and ruggedly handsome. TSWBU changed that making him pretty & blond.
3. Both movies Star a pretty fat lady.
4. Main girl spy goes undercover in dowdy disguises.
5. Both main girl spies are non-athletic, accidental spy chicks who happen to get into choreographed fights.
6. They both get their boobs grabbed.
7. The two Boss Lady’s look alike. Allison Janney who plays Elaine Crocker in “Spy” closely resembles Karalee Austin who Plays ‘Dime Bag’ in TSWBU.
8. The female spies both have a nuclear bomb they have to find.
9. The ‘plain woman’ character longing for adventure...
10. ...even the opening credits features a map crawling across the world locations.

  Finely Boned Vs Bradley Fine Vs Sebastian
“Spy” character Susan Cooper is very similar to the Wellen Dowd character in TSWBU played by Carrie Cain Sparks. Spy producers hired a Filipino style martial artist to train McCarthy. Sparks worked with Jackie Chan in “Rumble in the Bronx” who inspired her to learn Chinese Martial arts. There are so many similarities between these films that it is easier to list the differences. Here is the biggest: their budgets. The studios afford an A list cast, real stuntmen, special effects. These technical production values aside, the creative and artistic plagiarism is clear.

The characters & storyline are the main theft in both studio films. The creators of both films clearly saw TSWBU movie and loved it. Instead of asking Sparks to be involved in the big budget versions they copied it without offering her compensation or credit. Carrie Cain Sparks is a female film maker of color and she deserves and wants her credit. Those who wish to compare for themselves should look at her film on Amazon Prime USA  UK
 Spies on Fire
A concluding reason why it’s clear TSWBU story/script/movie/characters was copied: Melissa McCarthy of SNL stars in “Spy” 2015, Kate McKinnon of SNL stars in “The Spy Who Dumped Me” 2018. This is part of a group who tend to work together on TV & movie projects. It’s no coincidence that both are doing the same style of film using very specific but different aspects of The Spy Who Boned Us script at the same time maintaining the integrity of the original story by Carrie Cain Sparks. The main characters & traits are split up to fashion the two studio films, Wellen Dowd & Finely Boned as Susan Cooper & Bradley Fine and Mi Lei Yu & Curvay Bootay as Audrey & Morgan. Both major studio films have the leading Ladies in a red color scooter chase scene, thus linking the characters further showing evidence they draw from each other.
Sequel anyone? Good comedic content for women is hard to find so when Producers discover a gold mine of content like The Spy Who Boned Us, they will ‘mine’ it! So give credit where credit is due, to the true creator, Carrie Cain Sparks.