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Q. How much does it cost to audition for a part?
A. Auditions are free. If someone is charging, its a scam.

Myra - New York
Q. I’m a long standing theater artist, is it going to be hard for me to book roles? Will I be taken seriously in film and TV?
A. You can have a resume in theater as long as the Oscars, however you will still be considered to be a beginner, no matter what roles you did. However, casting  producers will consider you to be “well trained”. Yes. That’s right. That’s what they think. Sad.
Tiffany - Boulder Colorado
Q. I’m just starting out. I haven’t taken classes or done any TV, I’m ready to come to Hollywood and start my career. When is it a good time to come to Hollywood?
A. When you have credits.
Mark - Pasadena CA
Q. This short film wants me in a lead role. They are only paying me $150 for the whole thing. Its only on the weekend. Should I bother?
A. Mark. This is you making it! All roles lead to more roles. Not matter whether it pays big or small. You will be surprised how many stars are on TV working just for the publicity. Also, consider this a paying class. You are on a movie set. You cant get this experience in class.

Lance - Nebraska
Q. I don’t live in Los Angeles? How do I get credits when I live in Nebraska?
A. Do they have TV in Nebraska? (if yes)Then you can get credits.
Eddie - Lancaster CA
Q. Can I support myself at acting while I’m in Hollywood?
A. ...and yes. If you mean by getting principal roles, No. If you mean by doing anything and everything in front of the camera including background work and butt modeling for a less endowed star, then YES!
 Bella -