Carrie Cain Sparks

On Set "Sin 13" TV show
Because of the Covid19 no gathering order, Carrie's performance in Los Angeles @ 'The Redwood Room' April 4th 2020 is Postponed until further notice. This Concert is to raise awareness to Starving Artist Foundation a charity Foundation that supports aspiring artists with financial aid. See what they're all about.
Starving Artist Charity Foundation You can still make a donation to support Starving Artists.  When we are back up, Tickets will still be FREE with any donation. GET TICKETS & Event INFO
The February 15th show was epic! The stage is great and the crowd is so much fun. You will have a good time there. 'More Than Woman' is on iTunes, Youtube, Spotify, ect. Enjoy it there or download it HERE  You wouldn't believe what an Artist goes through to get their creations done! Just read Her Story and be amazed.