Carrie Cain Studios Presents...

LIVE!  JULY 26 7:PM Pacific Time
All concert info and notifications can be found here at Carrie Cain Studios.
Carries new songs will be presented via live streamed concert in vivid 4K. Be a witness to the very first Carrie Cain Sparks concert. Watch her expertly deliver her original music with precision and grace. Carries background in live theater and church choir will prepare you for a classy well trained act that is more than worth your time.
“I have put a lot of time and energy into preparing these songs for you to listen to. I am rehearsing everyday to make this performance a work of art. I’m a perfectionist by nature, a curse and a blessing for real. Please join me on the special day. All I ask is that you enjoy yourself. I’m going to do my best to engage you & move you and to indoctrinate you into my temple love. Come on this journey with me. I promise you won’t regret it.”
Carrie Cain Sparks
Come back often for updates and new songs that are being published.
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JULY 26 7:PM Pacific Time. Save The DATE