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HollyWood Story

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Like “New York Stories” by Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese. This is the Journey of three directors realizing their dream in Hollywood. Starring the directors; Carrie Cain Sparks (of Rumble in the Bronx, X-Files), Randy Kent and HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai.

Hollywood Story Contains a collection of nine 24 hour films originally screened at "The Hollywood Film Look Festival” in Hollywood. All films are shot and edited on the same day! The films are shot as "Film Labs". Film Labs are: One take wonder films(movies shot entirely in one take) – Commercial Format – and Documentary. All movies must have a beginning, middle and an end. Watch these hot young directors in their first films ever! Follow them as they live their Hollywood dream or nightmare...however you want to look at it:)

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Hollywood Story contains 9 Award Winning short films and Director’s interviews. You won’t believe what these directors went through to get their first films made! This is a must see! Below are selected winning films.

Hand In Hand  (One Take) Best Actress When a friend gifts a love solution to a single Lady, a little puppet goes 'Hand in Hand'. Directed by Carrie Cain Sparks

Doggy Take  (One take) Best One Take Film A dogs perspective of guerrilla film making on the streets of Los Angeles. Directed by Randy Kent (coming soon)

 I like to Bark  (One take) Directed by Shadow Dragu - Mihai. Coming Soon!

Negro Tan:  (commercial) Best Commercial - a practical and permanent solution to cancer causing tanning beds. Just become a Black person! FREE to watch! Directed by Carrie Cain Sparks  

Diet Zen:  (Commercial) Dieting may only be a state of mind. When Zen master Kenny Kicklin literally kicks the fat off of you! For FREE! Directed by Shadow Dragu - Mihai.


Jolly Molly (Commercial) Directed by Randy Kent (coming soon)

Also includes...

 Women Warriors:  (Documentary) Best Director - Follows the Fiercest Female fighters around the country! From Boxing to Kung Fu! Directed by Shadow Dragu - Mihai. Watch the Movie FREE!
Born To Act:  (Documentary) Best Documentary - Follow a leading actress through Hollywood as she attends her first audition and struggles with her image, looks, make-up and body image. Directed by Carrie Cain Sparks. FREE to watch! Enjoy!

Let’s Spend Some Time with Gym (Documentary) A simple mind is not always unfit. Directed by Randy Kent (coming soon)
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